Nutrition In Order


Tom (author of Bipolar IN Order) asked if I could provide a nutrition course for ‘bipolar people’.

This course is for people who are concerned about their mood, whether diagnosed with bipolar, experiencing unpleasant anxiety, despondency or fatigue.

Finding information on nutrition has never been so easy, yet consuming the wrong foods (in excess!) has also never been easier. Most of us have been living surrounded by seemingly limitless poor quality foods and junk food.

Simply knowing which foods and drinks are best for us is not enough. By working together we can better dispel some myths that may hold us back with the support needed to change our habits.

This is an interactive course starting with a multiple choice question:

Q1. Which of these applies to you?

1) Tick boxes for any words that apply to you….


Join the course to find out what happens next…

  • I found the course well thought out and very instructive. I am quite certain that I will find what I learned enormously useful in the future. You have a most effective tutorial talent. - R.M.

  • The WRAP training was clear, enjoyed the videos and is delivered at a pace which allowed me to absorb information well and motivated to learn further. Roger is a great effective trainer who is passionate about others wellness and recovery, and upbeat.  Great course and great trainer who is passionate about learning. G.D.

    Geeta D.
  • Really enjoyable 2 days. Was not sure what to expect. Found it invaluable. Intend to introduce to colleagues and hope it will be seen as a valuable tool at work and for all in general. - P.M.

  • I enjoyed the morning with your interactive session and the food for my early lunch. Mostly I learnt not to have doubts about what I already know although I think it is OK to be open minded.

  • The course will not only change my life, but it has also enabled me to make some very good friends. You were excellent! - L.J.

  • Thank you for the course at the weekend. I've taken so much away from it and think I'll be aware of even more benefits as time goes was a real inspiration. - I.T.


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