In a world where social media is highly censored LEAFLETS SAVE LIVES.

I have been given what I will describe as a small grant to allow me to post you a bundle of leaflets and you do not need to pay me anything.

If you would like some of this injection technique leaflet, that is to help people understand one specific form of damage that can occur due to one specific medical intervention then please use this contact form. You will need to type “INJECTION LEAFLET”, say how many leaflets you would like  and state your address with post code. Thank you.





















(These may take a few days to get to you and I may not be able to supply the exact number you ask for… even so, you have nothing to lose and perhaps when you share one of these leaflets with a friend, relative, local-business-owner, your doctor… you may save several lives from being wrecked by conditions such as myocarditis.)

Below is a double-sided flyer for people who are worried about forced medical treatments. Again, I can post some to you. Please say how many and state “ADVANCE STATEMENT”, along with your address and post code. Thank you.













On the back of the Advance Statement leaflet there will be this cartoon, unless you say, “PINK CARTOON PLEASE”. The pink cartoon has different wording and some say is ‘less in your face’:





















QR Codes are added to take those who scan the leaflet to:

  1. Healthy 13 Year Old DIES In SLEEP After Getting JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown – Hugo Talks
  2. COVID-19 Yellow Card Data | UKColumn
  3. European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports – Search ( – to see info on covid injections – select ‘C’ and scroll down