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I research and share how people Get Well and Stay Well.

If we believe we have any choice at all, our health (or overall wellness) is likely to follow one of these patterns:

1. Get ill > Get well > Stay well > Get ill > Get well > Stay well > Get ill > Get well > Stay well >  >  >  >  >  > Repeating many times, such that we can achieve a lot of what we have dreamed of doing, before we eventually die relatively quickly at well over 80 years old.


2. Get ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > > > > > Achieving far less than our potential, dying, relatively slowly, far too young so far as those left behind are concerned.

It is now a fact that most people are dying slowly from illnesses driven by lifestyle choices, such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and Alzehimer’s in a ‘Get ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > Stay ill > Die’ way. Our best hope of avoiding continuous illness and an early death is to learn more and make better choices.

For many people there is merit in getting ill and even merit in staying ill. It is not all bad. The best thing I have found about getting ill is that it seems the fastest way to learn as I suggest in my blog-post ‘Pain Provides Purpose’. By being ill we may also get the best drugs, more support, more rest, less hassle and many more benefits. I know, I was ‘there’ for a long time! Many believe that we can learn even more through long-term illness such as the darkest of depressions. I have colleagues who will be happy to expand on this, should you feel it is your calling to become more enlightened through suffering as many great people have done in the past. Personally, I have learned to find value in my episodes of ‘Down’ moods yet believe I learn the most as I find the best tools or best help for ‘getting back on my feet’ as quickly as I can.

I have come to prefer the alternative even though it this involves getting ill many times. When facing only the two options above, which one do you choose?

The main product/service/training I am offering at this time is Get Well / Stay Well, which is based on the work of many medical doctors, chiropractors, a few psychiatrists, fitness experts, health gurus, researchers, authors and… well, the list goes on. My friends and I are leaving ‘no stone un-turned’ to bring the best possible information to you. Every event is unique as we include the very latest research after we have questioned it and so far as possible  tried it out on ourselves in our quest for maximizing our fitness, cognition, productivity, happiness or however we each personally see our wellness.

Please find a way to join us at a Get Well / Stay Well event or invite me to your organisation/local hall/school or cafe as everyone can benefit from knowing more about Getting Well and Staying Well.

If you are well/healthy you may want to learn from our group of experts-through-training-and-experience to be able to share more widely things that have been working for you.


Coming up in Leicester: Getting Well / Staying Well with WRAP

Friday 27th April 2018

This course is for you whether or not you have ever studied or used Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP).


You might think that getting-well and staying-well will be near enough the same thing. That is what we thought. Both require us to believe in ourselves, have a plan and take action. The main difference can be in our acceptance of where we are on our journey.

If you’re having days when you don’t have the energy needed to feel good then it can be best to focus on Getting Well.

If you can wake up with enough energy to choose to feel well then you can be making choices for staying well for the rest of your life. Staying Well is far better than slipping back into poor health and needing to get well again!

Who is this event for?

It is good for anyone needing to develop a robust working plan for wellness. We are especially keen to attract those who want or need to be supporting others with their recovery and wellness.

At: Queens Road, Leicester


Why is it taking so long to get this new website ‘up to scratch’?

Teaching about wellness in 2015, I started thinking, “What’s the point of me teaching anything if my course participants are going to forget it or be unable to think well enough to use the new information?”

I was already providing workshops on ‘Maximizing Memory’. Brain health is a lot more than simply having a good memory. Cognition covers a lot more while losing any aspect of cognition can become a slippery slope into Alzheimer’s.

I started to ask,

“Do you believe you can Reverse Impaired Cognition?”


“Do you want to know How?”

I was able to share many ideas that can help, including: improving digestion, reducing sugar usage, fasting, using mind-maps, reducing blue-light exposure in the evening, not holding a mobile right up against your ear…

Late in 2017 I felt a need to better understand the transition from Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s. The best option seems to be to admit to (ourselves) that we have some cognitive impairment and make lifestyle changes to reverse it, such that we need never develop Alzheimer’s. That is amazing!

Imagine having a brain that works as well as ever when in our 80’s, 90’s and beyond. And isn’t this what we’d want for our relatives too, rather than them having to debate whether to put us ‘in a home’. You can help to break the mold that says everyone’s brain has to decay with age.

Well, it was excitement about this that lead to me teaching small groups about Brain Health and Reversing Impaired Cognition. I had a lot to learn to include much of the latest brain health research into Getting Well / Staying Well. Now, I/we are ready to relaunch SHARE Wellness on this improving web platform and to share Get Well / Stay Well events all over the UK.

Join  us in

Grantham on 24th April


Leicester on 27th April


Nottingham in May 2018

or book me for your organisation’s own training venue.

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