‘The quality of our lives depends on the quality of the questions we are able to ask.’

This morning, rather than write a blog, I am simply going to paste the email I just sent to someone who phoned me in great pain yesterday because I believe these 712 words are worth sharing widely.

Hi D,

Thank you for getting in touch yesterday.

The way people get well and stay well is to consider that any illnesses can be driven by 100 or more poor lifestyle choices. Being pretty sure about the number one ‘driver’ for you is a good start.

From your evidence it sounds like you are right that having a laptop on your lap for many hours per day has been the number one driver for what you have been seeing the doctor about. (I bet the doc did not even ask about your surroundings.) Eliminating a driver for illness such as Wi-Fi is close to impossible, while reducing our personal exposure by 90+% is usually quite easy. Two quick choices:

  • Never put a modern phone, of any kind, to your ear
  • Never have a laptop or any ‘mobile-device’ on your lap.

Lloyd Burrell | ElectricSense is one of many people writing about the dangers of Wi-Fi and dangers from generally being too close to electrical devices too much of the time. I’ll forward his latest writing that he shared at 10pm yesterday.

Just supposing low omega-3 can be said to be the number 2 of 100 drivers for the troubles you are having then you need to learn more about the fats described as omegas.

Modern diets often have excess omega-6 and not enough omega-3

Omega-3 is needed by every cell in the body of every mammal. Animal studies decades ago established illness and early death in animals not having enough undamaged-raw-omega-3 (especially considering those consuming excess omega-6 (such as from junk food, fast food, ready-meals…). Most land animals get most of their omega-3 from green vegetation such as grass. Humans have an especially high requirement for omega-3 to stay in peak health. This is, in part, because omega-3 is the main* ingredient for repairing brain cells, eye cells and nerves. Any shortage of dietary omega-3 leads to decay of the brain, which can lead to troubles with important things like reading and absorbing information about how to stay well. (*Many doctors could say otherwise as it depends on what we consider ‘main ingredient’ to mean.)

I eat a lot of greens including whole lettuces and other brassica plants such as broccoli every day. I estimate I get more than a gram of undamaged-omega-3 from greens every day which does me good, so why do I bother with the supplement we discussed? Plants make short-chain-omega-3, which is very good for us, but unless we are in close to perfect health it unlikely we’ll be able to convert enough short-chain-omega-3 to the long-chain-omega-3 that is essential for tasks like making new memories.

It is reported that people over about 50 years old have almost no chance of being able to keep their brain in good shape if not consuming long-chain-omega-3. That is 99+% are heading towards dementia as well as more and more pain unless they find a way to get good quality long-chain-omega-3.

Opti3 - Omaga-3 supplementation option

This is not meant to be an advert. It is just an example. If you have time please do investigate more options

Fish and fish oils can help, but so many sources are heavily contaminated, over-heated or generally far from ideal.

It is only recently that I have been taking a long-chain-omega-3 supplement EVERY DAY.

Of the, perhaps a thousand, ways to consume more of the clean omega-3 oils I am opting for ‘Opti3’ which is easy to find online and probably in good health shops.

For Opti3 Omega-3 EPA & DHA (3 Bottle Pack 3 for 2 offer) I paid £36.89 including post and packaging. That lasted me 135 days. Most recently I bought 6 for the price of 4 to have lower postage per bottle.

Have you heard it said, ‘the quality of our lives depends on the quality of the questions we are able to ask’?

You could now decide to study more about the dangers posed by EMF – such as by visiting Lloyd’s website or perhaps, next, you could ask about why people who eat naturally green foods with every meal are almost always healthier in every possible way compared with those who do not.

You could be asking “What is special about greens?”


Kind regards and best wishes

Roger Smith

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