Pain Provides Purpose – a blog post from Roger of ShareWellness

I was 40 when the ‘experts’ told me I had a chronic incurable disorder with a prognosis of dying 10 to 20 years earlier than my dad. He died age 69. I’m 60 next week so I’ve already outlived the estimates and am now enjoying the best health I’ve had for ages.

What happened? How could all those ‘experts’ be so wrong?

I believed I was sick and swallowed the prescribed tablets every evening for the next 14 years. I got fat and stayed fat.

I wanted to make a difference and help others with similar diagnoses, so started working for a charity as well as my full-time job. Through this charity work I met people who were talking about the things I’d been told not to consider, like writing a book and setting up my own training business. I wrote a book and set up my own business, yet I had not learned enough to stay well and I continued to take the prescribed drugs.

By 2011 regular blood tests showed my kidneys were failing. I was in great pain. Not so much physical pain other than in my gut from 2 am every morning. This was a mental anguish that seemed far worse.

Eventually, I made the lifestyle changes to withdraw safely from all the medication.

As soon as free of prescribed drugs my excess weight went. I had by now written the book, run a successful business. I was getting fitter. There was just one more thing, my business adviser and all my best friends consistently told me I needed… A quality web site!

It is taken a long-time for me to accept that technology has moved on and I need first-class professional assistance to realize the rest of my dreams. Well, today is the day, just before my 60th here is my better website. There still a lot to do of course.

I am grateful to The Web Guys, Brian and Jon, for their extraordinary patience and understanding as we work to make this a site to remember.

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