Food and Mood

Food and drink influence our mood – all the time every day.

We help you to see food and drink not just as sustenance or sources of short term pleasure. With a clearer view of many food mood links you gain opportunities to change eating habits reducing the stress on our minds and bodies. In the longer term eating food that is good for the mood is good for physical health too.

One day of training allows the study of much of this vast subject of food and mood, while short workshops are also popular.

We help you understand why people choose the foods they do and how we can all be choosing foods that allow us to feel mentally and physically healthier.

Food and drink choices are influenced by: nutrition, taste, aromas, who we eat with, social and less social drinking, additives (some being mostly OK and some that are clearly doing harm), freshness, how we cook, where we eat, when we don’t have time to chew, our sensitivities, intolerances, allergies, body image, quick energy/slow energy needs… and a whole lot more.

As well as Food and Mood workshops we work with organizations such as the Optimum Nutrition Institute to provide more formal training in Nutrition and Mental Health.

We grew these
  • The course will not only change my life, but it has also enabled me to make some very good friends. You were excellent! - L.J.

  • I enjoyed the morning with your interactive session and the food for my early lunch. Mostly I learnt not to have doubts about what I already know although I think it is OK to be open minded.

  • Thank you for the course at the weekend. I've taken so much away from it and think I'll be aware of even more benefits as time goes was a real inspiration. - I.T.

  • Really enjoyable 2 days. Was not sure what to expect. Found it invaluable. Intend to introduce to colleagues and hope it will be seen as a valuable tool at work and for all in general. - P.M.

  • I found the course well thought out and very instructive. I am quite certain that I will find what I learned enormously useful in the future. You have a most effective tutorial talent. - R.M.

  • The WRAP training was clear, enjoyed the videos and is delivered at a pace which allowed me to absorb information well and motivated to learn further. Roger is a great effective trainer who is passionate about others wellness and recovery, and upbeat.  Great course and great trainer who is passionate about learning. G.D.

    Geeta D.

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